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Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

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The Pupil Centred Approach

Your child is central to all thinking around their education and well-being.  Warden House ensures that all additional provision and support is tailored to your child as an individual.  This does not mean that they will be working on an individual basis for support as this can be detrimental to well-being and educational progress.

It does mean that your child’s views and needs will be taken into consideration and the Class Teacher is responsible for ensuring your child has a ‘voice’ in their learning and provision.  At the end of each term the lead adult working with your child will have an informal ‘chat’ to see how they feel they have done and to discuss their next targets.  This will be done in an age appropriate manner.  You will have a chance to comment on your child’s additional provision when you receive the termly letter detailing your child’s provision, as there will be a return form with room for pupil and parental response.

At all times your child will be praised and have their strengths and achievements highlighted to them.