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Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

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The 5 "I"s

The 5 I’s give the school a format for thinking about a child’s learning and the process of putting the correct support in place, as always the child’s needs and wishes are central to the work.

IssueLearning has become more difficult, identification of a learning concern, usually by Class Teacher, Teaching Assistant and parent. 

InquiryTime to investigate why the pupil is experiencing difficulties and what we can do to support and improve.

Examples of some questions:

  • Why has learning slowed?
  • What part of the lessons/school day are difficult?
  • What learning has been missed?
  • How is the pupil feeling about their learning?
  • How are parents/carers feeling about their child’s learning?
  • What provisions/resources might support this child?
  • How will we implement provisions/resources to ensure the best chance of success?

InterventionPutting the help in place, supporting strategies to be tried and monitored for the pupil.  This could be additional learning opportunities, for example 1:1 support or specific learning programme and/or physical resources, for example desk screens, ear defenders.

InnovationIs this right for the pupil?  Are the provisions working so far or do we need to try something new?  Does the provision in place look like it is a good match for the child or can we alter anything to improve the delivery and outcomes?

Impact Has it worked?  Review of provision by comparing start/end data by Class Teacher and SENCO. 

Possible outcomes:

The provision worked and no further intervention is required

The provision has supported progress and will continue

The provision did not have the expected outcomes and will need to be reviewed.