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Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

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Take One Picture - Whole School Project

Every year group will be taking part in the whole school project 'Take One Picture' using the Henry Matisse painting: The Painter's Family. This picture will be used as a stimulus for activities provided within the learning packs for each year group. 

In the file section below you will find each year group's overview of their activities fot the Take One Picture project, with ten tasks set out for each year group. 

All year groups have the same end aim: for each child to produce a piece of work of their own inspired by 'The Painter's Family- Henri Matisse.

The project provides a vehicle for art to bring us all closer together at a time when we are all forced to stay apart.

Please upload photos of work created during this project to the Home Learning Gallery here.


If you are enjoying the project and want to carry out activities from another year group please do, but please remember to share your creations, we will upload these to our Home Learning Gallery.