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Warden House Primary School

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Warden House Primary School

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Returning to School

We recognise that returning to school after such a long time at home may be difficult for some of our children and families. Here are a range of resources that you might use to help prepare your child for their return to school.

Also, do make sure you visit our "News and Events" section and read the latest letters sent home containing the most recent information. We are really looking forward to welcoming all children back to school!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to view some of the most common questions that we are receiving from parents and carers as they get ready for next week.

Supporting Mental Health in the Return to School

Click here to access a super resource from "Bridge the Gap" containing tips and strategies to support the return to school for children who have been at home for a significant amount of time.


The Invisible String

Why not sit down with your child and watch/read "The Invisible String" - a super story by Patrice Karst. The story deals with the issue of separation anxiety - a condition where a child becomes anxious at the thought of being separated from a parent or carer.

Here is a lovely video of the story being read aloud. Alternatively, the book is readily available from retailers such as Amazon and Waterstones etc. We hope you find it useful.


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8 Tips on Ensuring a Successful Return to School

The Planet Radio website contains some really useful advice and tips on how to best prepare your child for coming back to school.  Click here to access the Planet Radio website to find out more.

Warden House Staff Video

Why not re-watch our staff choir video recorded last year to see if you can spot your child's teacher or TA? Although a little out of date, it is a nice way to see some familiar faces...


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Return to School Video

Here is a video to show you and your child the changes that were made to Warden House Primary School as we got ready to welcome more children back to school last Summer. Maybe sit down and watch this video with your child before they return to school after this lockdown?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions by parents as we get ready to return to school on Monday.


What is on the dinner menu this term?

Click here to view the menu for school dinners provided by Whole School Meals.


When does my child have PE? Can they still wear their PE kit to school?

Children can wear their PE kit into school on the days that they have PE and Games. Please  click here to view this term's PE timetable.


My child's uniform does not fit. Do they still have to wear school uniform?

Yes - children are expected to wear school uniform,however we fully understand that, with shops closed for so long, your child may have outgrown certain items. If this is the case, please do not worry. Let you child’s teacher know and send them into school in a suitable alternative. Uniform should be replaced as soon as it is possible to do so. 


I am still worried about COVID? Does my child have to return to school?

The short answer is yes. The government have announced that all children are expected to return to school full time from Monday 8 March. Please be assured that we have a comprehensive risk assessment in place and are confident that we are doing all we can to limit the spread of infection within our school. If your child has received a shielding letter from the NHS, please let us know as soon as possible.


What do I do if my child is unwell?

Please continue to report absence from school in the normal way by contacting the school office. If your child is off school due to having a Covid symptom: e.g a high temperature, a new or continuos cough or a loss of taste and smell, please let as know as soon as possible. You will need to book a Covid test for your child and your entire household will need to isolate until a negative result is received. It is important that you keep us informed.

If your child is diagnosed with Covid, it is vital that you let us know as soon as possible- even during evenings or weekends.


What times does the school day start and end?

We will be using the same staggered start and end times as we used in terms 1 and 2. Please see the chart below for a reminder. 

Pupils with surname starting with the letter:

Arrival Time:

Collection Time:











Can I use the London Road Entrance to the School?

The London Road entrance to the school will partially reopen as it was in Terms 1 and 2. Parents and children can enter the site using this entrance each morning and can exit that way in the afternoons.


Will the road crossing patrol on London Road be operational?

Yes. Mr Pearce will once again be running the road crossing patrol from Monday 8 March. He is looking forward to seeing you!


My child borrowed a laptop from school for remote learning. Do I need to return it?

Yes. Please see the separate letter sent home by Mr Atkinson for details on how to return your laptop.


What should I do about my child's reading books?

Please send your child's current reading books into school as normal on their first day back so that these can be changed for new ones.


What does my child need to bring to school?

Your child should bring their own bag/book bag to school as they did in terms 1 and 2. Please limit the amount of items brought in to essential items only. These include a mid-morning snack and a water bottle. Children should also make sure they bring in a warm coat each day whilst the weather is still changeable. 


Will breakfast bagels be available each day?

Yes. Mr Austin has dusted off the bagel bus and will be ready to serve warm bagels every morning to any child who wants one.