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Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

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Parental Support

Parental support is the key to helping raise the attainment your child and it is vital that Warden House and parents work together.  A consistent approach to learning and support via home and school, is essential in allowing a child to feel secure in their learning.

The following are some bullet points for key support a parent can offer:

Communication: Talk to your child’s Class Teacher whenever you have a concern or query.  This can be arranged directly with the Class Teacher or by phoning the school office (01304 375040). 

Attend Meetings:  There are a variety of meeting times across the year, for example Parent's Evenings, however there might also be additional meetings that occur should your child be supported by an Outside Agency.  These might be to gain information from school or home, discuss support being offered by the agency, arranging educational targets, or making a next steps plan.  All of these areas will be much more successful with your input.

Inform the school of appointments:   If you receive any letters arranging appointments for assesments or appointments outside of school hours, please inform the school office (so that your child’s absence can be registered as authorised), and their Class Teacher.  We can use this information to ensure that any referrals have been received and processed.  In addition we know to expect reports and information from your child’s appointments.  Sometimes the reports might only be sent to the parents, if you feel that there is information that the school needs to know please inform the school and we can arrange a time to discuss any results or information that you may have.  In addition you can directly ask for appropriate correspondence to be cc’d to the school when you attend appointments or bring in a copy of any reports to the front office where they can be photocopied.

Read at Home:  This is a vital element of child’s learning and has been evidenced that children who read regularly at home make more progress in school.  If you would like additional guidance with supporting your child's reading please let your child's Class Teacher know.

Complete Homework:  As with reading, homework is a vital part of your child’s education and is used to reinforce their learning at school.  All pupils will need to be encouraged to complete homework and a quiet time without distractions is essential in supporting them to complete their tasks.  You can sit with your child and ask them to talk about what they have to do, they will enjoy ‘teaching’ you.  If your child finds a piece of homework particularly difficult please inform your child’s Class Teacher as they can then ensure that this is revisited in class.  Homework can be differentiated by task, or expectations to suit the individual pupil's learning style and ability