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Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

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Healthy Schools

At Warden House we want all children to be healthy and achieve at school and in life. We believe that by providing opportunities at school for enhancing emotional and physical health, we will improve long- term health, reduce health inequalities, increase social inclusion and raise achievement for all our children.

Our Food

Our school has a team of kitchen staff from local comapany Whole School Meals who prepare cooked meals using healthy ingredients. Any snacks bought from home are encouraged to be healthy, preferably not chocolate, sweets or food with high sugar content. Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are provided with fruit daily. Food should also be nut-free. This is vitally important as several of our school community suffer from very serious nut allergies.

At Warden House, we are proud to provide each child with a daily toasted breakfast bagel and share some lovely morning chat. Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school every day, we provide access to drinking water throughout the day.

Physical Activity

Physical activity contributes significantly to the ‘being healthy’ national outcome for children. At Warden House children are provided with a range of opportunities to be physically active during P.E and our extensive range of extracurricular clubs such as Dance, Football and Fencing. Children understand how physical activity can help them to be healthier, therefore improving all areas of their everyday life. Our school ensures that children participate in the recommended number of hours of physical activity per week.

Emotional Health and wellbeing, including bullying

Our school’s promotion of positive emotional health and wellbeing helps children to understand and express their feelings, build their confidence and emotional resilience. This is done through carefully planned Jigsaw PSHE lessons, Celebration Assemblies and by fostering an environment where children feel safe and valued. Trained buddies help support pupils at break times and lunchtimes. At Warden House, we take mental wellbeing of our children very seriously. Clear guidance is in place to tackle bullying.

Healthy lunch inspirations

Bin the soggy sandwiches and get inspired with our healthy, speedy and scrumptious school packed lunch ideas.

Thinking of healthy and exciting packed lunch fillings can be a daily challenge – especially if you can't envisage your child happily trotting off to school with a box of vegetables. At Warden House, we believe that healthy children are better learners and are generally happier. 

Here are some simple, fast and scrumptious ideas to bring new life to the dreaded lunchbox.

Omelette Roll 

Fill the omelettes with juicy cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta and spinach for a mouth-watering bite. You could add some extra salad if you like, and older children may like a touch of salsa or pickle as well. 

Vegetarian Salad

Make an exciting vegetarian salad wrap with crunchy veg for texture and a good hit of cheddar cheese. Add some fresh seasonal fruit on the side. Dry fruit will do the trick too.

Want to bin the sandwich altogether? There are plenty of carby options that kids should love and that can help add a bit of variety into your child's diet.

Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad

Perk up lunchboxes with a gorgeously creamy pesto pasta salad. Customise with cooked veg such as peas, green beans and courgettes, as well as an assortment of protein. Chicken, ham, prawns, hard-boiled egg or cheese are all good options, depending on dietary preferences.

NHS Change 4 Life

For more interesting and healthy ideas please visit: