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Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

Warden House Primary School

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Equipment, Facilities and High Needs Funding

All schools are provided with a budget for SEN and this allows us to ensure that the resources and facilities are correct for individual pupils.  Some resources are accessed via the SENCO who along with the Class Teacher has identified an area where an additional resource might be supportive (for example a voice recorder or desk screen). 

In other instances outside agencies will provide us with the details of equipment that we need to access and the school will provide this.  Often these can be quite specialist resources or occasionally a recommendation for a specific pupil that will actually support many. 

High Needs Funding: High Needs Funding provides an annual top-up budget in order for a school to facilitate the high level of provision that some pupils require. If a pupil requires a high level of sustained support/equipment, in addition to the budget allocation, an application can be made for High Needs Funding to ensure that all the support required can be in place for that pupil.