Getting the basics right

Ensuring your child has the strongest opportunities for the future, all children are introduced to early reading and writing skills.  Reading skills are supported by a phonics program called 'Letters and Sounds'; this enables your child to develop a strong understanding of phonics and as a result become a competent reader, speller and writer.  Your child is also encouraged to develop a love of reading with structured books that encourage your child's reading and comprehension to grow.  Once your child reaches  reading age of 7 years, they are placed on the Accelerated Reader scheme where they choose novels from our extensive library and use our laptop computers and iPods to complete comprehension quizzes that review their progress. 

We also encourage your child to become exceptional writers, with a weekly opportunity to write an extended piece of work in a range of writing genres.  We regularly publish our children's work and have produced a range of anthologies of exemplary work demonstrating the high quality of writing achieved by our children.

Your child is encouraged to experience real life situations in their mathematical learning.  If children see purpose for maths in their lives, they are more likely to excel in the subject. We also encourage a high level of maths homework, allowing children to rehearse their mathematical skills and tables while encouraging them to use our online maths resources to deepen their mathematical understanding and enthuse their mathematical minds.